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FWA-AWF Mentoring Programme 2022 - Opening Event

09 June 2022
Webinar on Zoom
By 08 June 2022

Welcome to the FWA-AWF Mentoring Programme of 2022!

The Opening Event is to officially launch you on your respective Mentoring journeys.


We've teamed up with Avodah People Solutions to deliver this webinar,  consisting of Mentor and Mentee-specific workshops, as well as a joint session on analysing and reflecting on your DISC personality assessment results.

The webinar will be run on the Zoom platform, and log-in details have been provided separately.




(5 mins)

Combined Welcome Activity


(5 mins)

FWA Team Welcome Address


(15 mins)

Alumni Mentor and Mentee Pair to share experiences from last year

  • Share 1 highlight of the past mentoring journey
  • Share how the DISC was useful towards building the relationship


(45 mins)

Mentors Room (Alex)

(est. 50% of mentors are repeated)

Enhancing the mentoring journey


  1. Recap questioning and listening skills for successful mentoring
  2. Address specific mentoring challenges sourced from repeat mentors
  3. Foster community building through cross learning and sharing


Mentees Room (Aree)

Life Purposeful Goal Setting



  1. Reflect on decision to be mentored
  2. Craft possible areas for goals through a review of life roles
  3. Craft goals based on SMART


(5 mins)

FWA Team Closing Address and Administration Brief


Event ends


You would have received the following material from us:

1. Mentor's Manual or Mentee's Manual

2. Mentoring Resource Kit

3. DISC Assessment Instructions & Reflection Guide

Both Mentors and Mentees are required to complete your DISC assessments by 6 June 2021. Please have your assessment results with you at the Webinar and read through the DISC Application Guide beforehand as well. 

Mentees are also requested to download a copy of the Notes for Goal-Setting Workshop (found in Appendix II of your Mentee's Manual) and have it with you at the Webinar.


We look forward to a great session with you!


Warmest Regards

FWA Mentoring Committee


PS: Mentees are required to make all required payments prior to registering for the Opening Event.