Dear FWA Members,

For over a year now, we have included the no-show policy wording in our event mailers:



We understand that with busy schedules, there may be times when you cannot make an event after you have registered for it. In the event that you cannot make an event, we appreciate that you use our new tool now available to cancel the event. To do so, please login to the FWA website, under “My Account”, select “My Events”, you can cancel the event registration under the “Cancel registration” column. 


For members that no-show for 3 consecutive events, we regret to inform that you will be barred from attending any FWA events for the next 3 months. We hope you understand this policy as our events are often in high demand and your co-operation will allow those who can and wish to attend our events to do so."


Starting from 1 June 2018, we will effectively put this no-show policy into practice. Members who have registered for but not attended 3 events consecutively starting 1 June 2018, will not be allowed to register for FWA events for the following 3 months. 


We seek your kind understanding on the implementation of this policy given the high demand for our events.”


FWA Exco