President's Message

Dear Members of FWA,


Thank you all for another successful Annual General Meeting on the 26th March 2020. I am happy to serve again as your president and take this opportunity to thank the retired executive members for their time and work in 2019 and planning 2020.  This team gave me the strength to lead and I am grateful for togetherness and fellowship while working towards our dream in the midst of a crisis.  I am heartened that we have worked very hard towards creating a platform for our members to share and collaborate so as to inspire diversity of thought in all aspects of our lives. 


I warmly welcome the new 2020/21 Exco Team and Auditors on board with a continuation of our programme for the year. Please refer to to see who we are.  


The Exco Team embarked on a series of events such as IWD celebrations, Fintech subjects, mental wellness and future ready topics. We ended 2019 cornerstone events such as our Female Champion launch and the year-end party.  Pictures of our events on our website speak a thousand words. Our LinkedIn page for 2019 has gathered more than 1000 followers from scratch.   As we entered 2020 armed full of events for our members, we were faced with the most shocking challenge in the world. Nevertheless, our commitment to our members has not wavered.  We have been tirelessly anticipating and pivoting our plans with our partners to work on alternatives over the last few weeks. We are going to provide a view of what to expect during this uncertain time. 


Firstly, our existing members will benefit positively from our decision to extend membership 2020.  All existing members as of 26th March 2020 will enjoy a six-month membership extension. Secondly, our mentoring program has recently obtained recognition from MSF Singapore through SCWO’s 2019 program, Seeds of Change for funding in content development.  Thirdly, we continue new event development work on our newest flagship event, the Male and Female Champions’ Symposium for September 2020.  The support has been strong from corporates and we will endeavour to create a meaningful symposium for our members.  Finally, we are positive that we will have a strong 4th quarter 2020 finish and celebrate with a dynamic year end party bash.


While we are unable to host physical events, we are ready to go online for all events.  We feel very encouraged with the continued support of corporates, members and partners because the events are at the waiting line at this time to come alive.  Therefore, FWA is optimistic that we will resume strong when status falls back to normal.


As we enter a new-normal world remember the power of positivity is very important to get you through the new days.  FWA team, although physically separated showed the way by leveraging on technology to show support for #IWD2020 and #clapforcarers.  We are present and together with you so keep strong.  This is the time we lift each other up and be positive.  


Jacqueline Chua