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Dear Corporate Members

We are delighted to offer you our second virtual lunch hosted in collaboration with Visa on Wednesday 12th August from 12 - 2 pm. The session will focus predominantly on roundtable sharing by our corporate representatives. FWA will also provide updates from our Events, Strategic Engagement and Social Impact pillars.


Do note that FWA events are governed by Chatham House rules, and the discussion should be treated with the utmost confidence. We welcome up to 2 representatives from each of our corporate members to enable the session to be as intimate and interactive as possible.


Upon registering for the webinar, your representatives will receive an event confirmation and a link to the Zoom webinar will be sent to you one day before the event.


Kind regards

FWA Membership

12 August 2020
Zoom Webinar
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FWA Exchange: Employment and Employability: How to “Future-Proof” My Career? Friday, 14 August, 12:30 – 1:30 pm



FWA, in collaboration with the Employment & Employability Institute (e2i), is pleased to bring you another episode of the FWA Exchange: Employment and Employability - How to “future-proof” my career? 

NTUC’ e2i is the empowering network for workers and employers seeking employment and employability solutions. 

As we embark on the new normal, we see employees and employers embracing and designing the future of work. Building on the lessons learnt over the past few months, how has employment and employability changed? 

This session will provide you with insights to: 

  • The current employment trends
  • The types of reskilling and upskilling conversations that you should have in order to support the jobs of tomorrow
  • What employers can do to ensure their employees continue to be employable
  • What you can do to ensure employability/job security

Come join us to discover how to stay at the forefront of labour market changes and how to be relevant in a fluid environment.

Registered participants will receive the link for the Zoom session one day before the event.


14 August 2020
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Viewpoints from FWA Champion Piyush Gupta: Moving Above & Beyond COVID, 19 Aug 2020, 12:15 pm -1:45 pm

FWA Champions are individuals in senior leadership positions who champion and support women seeking success on both the professional and personal fronts. They effect change in their organisations and are firm supporters of gender diversity and inclusion in their workplaces and society.


FWA members get a chance to interact and meet our Champions in our FWA mentoring programme and as speakers in FWA-led events. The Viewpoints from FWA Champions series allows our members a chance to hear from our Champions on a wide range of topics. We hope that through this sharing, our members get an opportunity to glean insights from our Champions, share experiences and extract learnings that will be of use personally and professionally. 

19 August 2020
Zoom Webinar
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Bloomberg Presents: Data - The Diversity & Inclusion Catalyst, Fri, Aug 28, 12:15 - 1:30 pm



Bloomberg is pleased to invite you to an FWA Members-only exclusive event: Data - The Diversity & Inclusion Catalyst.


Big data analytics involves collecting and analyzing extensive data to uncover hidden patterns of important information that can then be used to improve decision-making and forecasting. In the world of human resources, this kind of analytics is better known as people analytics or talent analytics. 


These days, many organisations have implemented these analytics to help them drive diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies. By analyzing their workforce data, they are able to identify workplace challenges, prioritize actions plans, and build roadmaps to better outcomes. 


The session will bring together a team of esteemed panellists to explore:

  1. How organisations utilize data and technology to support D&I initiatives
  2. How these initiatives support the career advancement and upskilling of female staff
  3. The challenges of embarking on the journey of embracing D&I
  4. How data and technology can help confront these challenges
28 August 2020
Virtual Event
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