FWA Exchange : She’s Crypto Savvy?, Tuesday, 28 September, 12:00 – 1:30 pm



Should you invest in Cryptos? The cryptocurrency world is growing exponentially notwithstanding its persistent volatility. While some cryptocurrency investors celebrated their windfall, others might have shunned away as they are trying to comprehend the complexities of this radically different industry.


In recent months, major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, had experienced a fall in their market capitalisation by over 50%, largely attributed by the impact of various countries’ regulations on cryptocurrencies.


In this session, join Olga Miler, Fintech-EdTech Entrepreneur and Angelina Kwan, COO and CRO of Hashkey Group, and Jacqueline Chua, President of FWA Singapore, moderated by Walter Jennings, Head of Corporate Communications at Hashkey Group as they share their insights in relation to:


  • Booming development trend of cryptocurrency 
  • Ways of investing in cryptocurrency
  • The regulatory upbeat of cryptocurrency
  • Is it Worth Buying To Keep?


Ever want to learn the art of Crypto? Come join us to discover and learn a little more about this emerging area of technology.


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28 September 2021
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