FWA (Singapore) 17th Annual General Meeting followed by Whiskey Tasting with Diageo

Dear FWA Members,


It’s time to give notice of the FWA Annual General Meeting. Once again, we invite you to come be a part of the organisation's plans for the coming year as we vote in the new slate for 2018/9, and debate key constitutional changes that the current Exco is proposing. 


1. Voting Rights for Corporate Members:


Over the last 8 years, we have seen the number of Corporate Members increase significantly from fewer than 5 to more than 30. These Corporate Members have been very generously supporting our events and activities with venue and F&B sponsorship, speakers and mentors, on a frequent basis. A large proportion of our Male Champions have also been nominated by these Corporate Members to help FWA build the eco-system of support in the industry for gender diversity. 

 As such, we feel it is necessary that we revise our Constitution to allow Corporate Members voting rights, in addition to individual Ordinary Members. Each Corporate Member is to be allowed one vote, to be administered by a representative pre-notified to the FWA. 

The above revision to the Constitution will pass if it receives a majority of votes among the current voting membership base at the AGM. 


2. Voting Rights for Male Members:


Similarly in the last 5 years, we have also seen a significant increase in the participation and engagement of men in the FWA, as the FWA itself demonstrates the value of inclusiveness.

While we will open up this topic for discussion at this year's AGM, we are however not immediately proposing a revision to the Constitution at this point, in order to allow more time to study precedents and consult among other women's organisations in Singapore who have already taken this step.  


We are therefore expecting a lively discussion at this year's AGM, and would therefore really appreciate you joining us!


And to help us unwind afterwards, we will have Diageo conduct a whiskey-tasting session at the end of the evening.


Please note this event is open to members only and is free of charge. If you cannot make this event, please fill in the proxy form here and furnish it to the Secretary via email ( latest by 20 March 2018.


Below are the details of the AGM:

Date:    Thursday, 22 March 2018

Time:    6.30 pm – 9 pm

Place:   Gandhi Room, Level 30, Prudential Tower

            30 Cecil Street, Singapore 049712 


We thank you for your support to FWA and look forward to seeing you!  

Fiona Yik



22 March 2018
Gandhi Room Level 30,
30 Cecil Street,
Prudential Tower,
Singapore 049712
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  • Member's Fee: $0.00
FWA Lunchtime Talk: BRAVE CONVERSATIONS, 5 April 2018

BRAVE CONVERSATIONS - How to have them and why they matter


Too often, people hold off having the tough conversations required to improve performance, resolve conflict or address frustrations. They’re just too awkward, too risky or too hard. Easier to say nothing. 


Yet whether it’s providing candid feedback, addressing a sensitive issue, asking for support or holding someone accountable - it is the conversations that don’t occur which exact the steepest toll on individual engagement, team productivity and organisational outcomes.


Drawing on her background in business, psychology & consulting, author and executive coach Margie Warrell will share science backed insights and strategies to engage in critical conversations in ways that build your currency within your team/organisation, deepen engagement, grow collaboration and produce stronger results for all stakeholders.


We shall also hear from our panellists Wan Thonh Chow (MD, HSBC Singapore) and Ian Williams (Deputy CEO, Singapore) who shall share their experiences in how they tackled these tough conversations.


05 April 2018
Level 21 Temasek Room,
21 Collyer Quay,
HSBC Building,
Singapore 049320
  • Members Only Event
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  • Member's Fee: $0.00