Corporate / Institutional

Become a Corporate / Institutional  Member

Each corporate or institutional membership costs S$1200 for the Gold membership, S$2100 for the Platinum membership and S$3000 for the Diamond membership. Membership is renewable on a calendar year basis (ie. it expires at the end of each calendar year).

At each event, Gold members are entitled to sign up to 5 participants per corporate or institution at FWA member rates; Platinum members up to 10 participants; and Diamond members up to 15 participants. Numbers exceeding that will be charged at guest fees. Members will also be entitled to more seats if they co-host events with FWA e.g. in providing venue, F&B or as guest speakers/panelists. 

We require our corporate or institutional members to appoint an individual in your organisation as recipient of FWA mailers, and to coordinate with the relevant FWA event organiser on the number of participants from your organisation attending any particular FWA event, in order to establish which participants qualify for member pricing.

FWA Singapore is a strictly non-profit organisation. Apart from subsidising member events, your membership dues will help defray the costs for:

  1. Registering the association
  2. Administration of FWA
  3. Other miscelleaneous costs associated with event planning