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FWA WINTECH Series: Introduction to Blockchain & Its Application to Financial Services

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows the sharing of information in a trusted, transparent and accountable way. It is made famous as the underlying technology of Bitcoin but its use goes beyond that of digital currencies. This talk will give an introduction on how blockchain works and also cover some applications being explored in the industry such as in due diligence, insurance, finance, supply chain and logistics.

This is a FWA member-only event. To sign up for FWA membership, please follow this link


10 January 2017
Barclays Bank PLC,
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2 Level 25 Singapore 018983
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FWA Lunchtime Talk: Leadership Mosaics Across Asia

With Asia being an important driver of business growth, it is vital to understand the ways of its business leaders. While globalisation has led to cross-national convergence of management practices, values and beliefs, we can find that within Asia, different leadership styles, values and priorities persist. In this lunch-time dialogue, the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI) shares from its recently-launched research, Leadership Mosaics Across Asia

24 January 2017
Bank of New York Mellon Level 7,
Millenia Tower One Temasek Avenue Singapore 039192
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FWA Males from the Top Chapter 7: Inclusive Leadership, 17 February, 12-2pm

FWA is pleased to organize the seventh chapter of our flagship Males from the Top series featuring FWA Male Champions. The discussion will centre on “Inclusive Leadership”. What does inclusive leadership mean? How do you measure inclusion? Who should drive inclusive leadership and what benefits or risks does it bring?

17 February 2017
12 Marina View,
#20-02 Asia Square Tower 2,
Singapore 018961
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FWA Corporate Lunch 2017

20 February 2017
One Raffles Quay,
South Tower #17-00 Beijing Room Singapore 048583
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FWA WINTECH SERIES: Google Search and Insights on Financial Products

In today's ever-changing world, it's all about the micro-moments that help us live our lives more efficiently. Find out what we know about how Singaporeans search for financial products and the behaviors that drive them.

23 February 2017
Thomson Reuters Auditorium 28th Floor,
North Tower One Raffles Quay,
Singapore 048583
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FWA & SCB Celebrate IWD: Be Bold for Change – FWA Male Champions Pledge 30% Target of Women in Senior Leadership Roles by 2020 - 6 March 2017, 12-2pm

In FWA’s annual celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), FWA considers the IWD theme for the year, and makes it relevant to our members – female and male professionals in the financial services industry. Embracing this year’s theme of “Be Bold for Change”, we asked what is change and what is bold in the financial services industry. It wasn’t difficult to find something that was impactful, a bold initiative that signifies commitment and change for the future. 

06 March 2017
Standard Chartered Bank,
11 Marina Boulevard,
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1,
Level 21,
Singapore 018940
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CRIB 2017 Summit

FWA is pleased to support CRIB 2017 Summit! CRIB 2017 Summit takes place over the weekend from Saturday 11 Mar 2017, 8AM to Sunday 12 Mar 2017, 5PM at the luxurious Capella Hotel. CRIB would also like to extend all FWA members a 20% discount for 2017 Summit conference passes. 

11 March 2017
1 The Knolls,
Sentosa Island,
  • Members Only Event
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  • Member's Fee: $500.00
The Strategies for Career Satisfaction

An Evening with Julie Chakraverty

Building a high performance career has always been a challenge. As the world of work changes, we need to refresh our approach and introduce new thinking to achieve the "reward mix" we want. Julie Chakraverty from Aberdeen, has placed innovation at the heart of her career across a number of different roles and will share the strategies she believes are crucial to secure long-term career satisfaction, building on new models of mentoring, risk taking, and re-invention.

15 March 2017
23 Church Street,
06-01 Capital Square 2
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FWA (Singapore) 16th Annual General Meeting followed by Wine-tasting Session by Underground Wines

Dear FWA Members and Friends,


A year has flown by and it’s time to give notice of the FWA Annual General Meeting again.


What an eventful year it has been for our Crystal Jubilee year, and a big shout-out goes to the wonderful FWA Executive and Sub-Committee members who have so generously given of their time and energy for the cause of gender diversity, as well as to you, our members, for your strong support to FWA throughout the year.


Our Crystal Jubilee event in Dec 2016 raised a total of $17,000 for our designated charity, Daughters of Tomorrow; our Mentoring Programme continues to grow year-on-year and achieved a record bumper crop of more than 30 mentees in 2016; for International Women’s Day 2017 this week, we broke further ground by getting 19 FWA Male Champions, representing 15 Financial Institutions in Singapore, to pledge to achieve 30% of women in senior leadership roles by 2020 (


Our membership base has continued to grow.  As at the end of 2016, we had over 180 individual members, and 34 corporate members.  Partnerships with our Corporate Members continue to deepen and broaden through regular corporate sharing sessions, and collaboration for our busy event calendar – in 2016 we rolled out the very popular WINTECH series focusing on women in the FinTech space, in addition to the Males from the Top and Kopitiam Chat – Female Role Model series.


Our accounts remain healthy. However looking ahead towards the scale-up of our events and activities to meet members’ growing expectations, we find ourselves in a position to review our revenue and cost structures in accordance with an inflationary environment. At this year’s AGM, we will be proposing some key changes to our membership fee structures that have been in place since 2001, to address the future budget of the FWA.  


We would therefore really appreciate it if you can join us at the AGM to give us your feedback and opinion. Afterall the FWA exists because of and for you!


As if you really needed any enticement (!), we will also be having Underground Wines conduct a wine-tasting session after the AGM, featuring Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Rose and Pinot Noir, to be paired with a delectable buffet spread by Camellia Private Catering.


Please note this event is open to members only and is free of charge. If you cannot make this event, please fill in the proxy form here and furnish it to the Secretary via email ( latest by 28 March 2017.


Below are the details of the AGM:

Date:    Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Time:    6.30 pm – 9 pm

Place:   The Great Room Offices

            1 George Street, #10-01, Singapore 049145 

We thank you for your support to FWA and look forward to seeing you!  


Fiona Yik


29 March 2017
The Great Room Offices,
1 George Street,
Singapore 049145
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How smart women are managing their money in 2017

Women are earning more money, controlling more money and they are increasingly major consumers of financial services. Work patterns have changed and product offerings are being rebuilt to reflect a diverse perspective. Barbara will describe how women are transforming the way that the financial industry communicates, both internally and with its customers.

In 2017, every business is a digital business, every industry is the financial industry, and every job requires financial knowledge. Financial knowledge allows women to move towards meaningful work in any field that they choose. Women are boldly venturing into the world of finance using a combination of analytics, problem-solving capabilities, risk-awareness, intuitive thinking, relationship skills and creativity. They are building careers that are in line with their values.

31 March 2017
Manchester Business School @ Market Street,
John Owen Executive Room,
55 Market Street,
Singapore 048941
  • Public Fee: $20.00
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  • Member's Fee: $0.00
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