Past Events

Networking Drinks with Society of Family Offices, 16th January 2019, 6.00 - 9.00 pm

FWA is pleased to partner with the Society of Family Offices (SFO) for a networking session to kick off 2019! We are calling together an interesting group of women to engage in conversations over drinks in a casual social setting. One of the topics of discussion is that women are still minority representations at leadership levels in professional environments. By collaborating and building partnerships, we aim to create supportive peer groups that nurture women to fulfil their career and personal ambitions.


This event is self-funded and open to female FWA members only. 


16 January 2019
9 Raffles Boulevard,
#01-79/80 Millenia Walk,
Singapore 039596
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The Future of Gen Z in Financial Services, 22nd January 2019, 12-2 pm

Sponsored by Aberdeen Standard Investments, FWA is pleased to host a talk by ICE on the topic, "The Future of Gen Z in Financial Services." 


Topics to be discussed include:  How do we continue to encourage more young women of the next generation to make their mark? What can we do to provide more opportunities for career progression and professional development? Are Gen Z women different? Does our approach need to change? How can we adapt to their perspectives?

22 January 2019
Arberdeen Standard Investment,
23 Church Street #06-01,
Capital Square 2,
Singapore 049480
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  • Member's Fee: $0.00