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2024 New Year Kick-Off Networking Evening

Dear Member,

The Financial Women’s Association, Singapore is pleased to invite you to our 2024 NEW YEAR KICK-OFF NETWORKING EVENING!

Please login to the FWA Website to RSVP by the deadline of January 8, 2024. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Warmest regards,


11 January 2024
Collective @ Dao by Dorsett,
6 Shenton Way,
#07-01 OUE Downtown 1,
Singapore 068809
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Eras in Investing: Entering your next Era

“I’ve accumulated savings after years in my career, but what’s next? I’ve been responsible about budgeting and financing, but what’s next? I’m already invested in equities and bonds, but what’s next?” As financial literacy improves, there is good education around how to get started in investing. But once you’ve started, how do you move to the next “era” of investing?


In this Lunch & Learn, our speakers share practical and actionable tips to help you move to your next era in investing, whether that is exploring higher-yield instruments or becoming a more active investor. 


 Sign up now to find out how you can enter your next trading era. Light refreshment will be provided.  

15 February 2024
Saxo Markets,
88 Market Street CapitaSpring #31-01
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Celebrate International Women's Day: Inspire Inclusion - Have We Done Enough?

Inspire Inclusion: Have We Done Enough? 


Join us as we delve into this topic and discuss how workplaces and individuals can champion inclusion on personal and professional levels. Embark on our shared journey to cultivate an environment where diverse experiences are valued and celebrated. Together, we can amplify our voices to inspire change and make a lasting, positive impact.

08 March 2024
65 Chulia Street,
OCBC Centre Level 50,
Singapore 049513
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(Live Screening and Q&A) Celebrate International Women's Day: Inspire Inclusion - Have We Done Enough?

*Please note that this is a live screening held at Bank of Singapore. Live Screening audience will have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the panelists at OCBC venue. There will also be lunch provided and a networking session before the live screening.


Inspire Inclusion: Have We Done Enough? 


Join us as we delve into this topic and discuss how workplaces and individuals can champion inclusion on personal and professional levels. Embark on our shared journey to cultivate an environment where diverse experiences are valued and celebrated. Together, we can amplify our voices to inspire change and make a lasting, positive impact.

08 March 2024
Bank of Singapore - 63 Market Street,
Level 16,
Singapore 048942
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FWA Advancing Women in Finance (FWA-AWF) Mentoring Programme 2024 - Now Accepting Applications!

FWA-AWF Mentoring Programme 2024

The deadline for the 2024 Programme applications is extended until 17 March. 

The resoundingly impactful FWA Advancing Women in Finance (FWA-AWF) Mentoring Programme is back! The 2024 Programme starts accepting applications online from 1- 17 March 2024.

For more information, please refer here.  

17 March 2024
Financial Women's Association Singapore
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Dear FWA Members,

I hereby give notice for this year’s Financial Women’s Association General Meeting which will be held physically on Tuesday, 19 March 2024.  

The new Executive Committee slate standing for election will continue to strive to do their best of their abilities to empower women to achieve both their professional and personal goals to develop a better financial services Community by promoting education, advancement, and recognition of women, and encouraging young female leaders of tomorrow to advance in finance through mentoring. Finally, to contribute to social and community development for the
sustainable betterment of women.

FWA had a very busy and fulfilling 2023 with several events and our flagship Symposium. Key highlights in 2023 included 6 monthly events and an annual year end party which engaged more than 540 participants; 3 corporate membership events of which we had 48 corporate members by year end 2023 showing steady support and growth from our corporate members. Our flagship symposium helmed by our Strategic engagements pillar attracted more than 330 participants and engaging 28 champions through 4 panels sessions and 1 debate. The thought leadership approach of FWA Singapore for DEI practices and sharing by engaging more than 18 champions in dialogue over 3 champion breakfast sessions. Our WEimpact pillar held 2 dynamic huddle sessions engaging +140 participants.

Mentoring is a cornerstone of FWA. Thanks to our unique matching approach, the outcomes of our initiative has grown from strength to strength over the years and in 2023 we were faced with a successful sign-up rate with a final selection of 41 mentees and 41 mentors from 30 financial institutions, and 3 in person events.

Staying connected with our members is key and our Linkedln following continues to grow with roughly 4k followers to date. To help improve our connectivity to members, in 2023 we embarked on adding a Whatsapp broadcast channel to socialize our activities.

2023 was a year of great achievement. Our annual offsite ensured that collectively as an Executive Committee we are aligned towards achieving the mission for FWA Singapore as we aim to reach more women in finance and thus achieving our goal to make a meaningful impact to women in Singapore.

The new Exco slate to be presented at the AGM looks forward to sharing more exciting plans with you on the year ahead.

Please note this event is open to members only and is free of charge. We invite all FWA members to attend the AGM.  Registration will be required, and details are below.

Grishma Kewada
Financial Women’s Association Singapore

19 March 2024
Seminar room,
WongPartnership LLP,
12 Marina Boulevard,
Level 28,
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 Singapore 018982
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FWA WEIMPACT DYNAMIC HUDDLE Panel Discussion: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In collaboration with Uncommon Minds and hosted by Citi, the FWA Women Empowered Impact (WEimpact) pillar invites you to a panel discussion as an introduction to neurodiversity.  In this session you will learn more about learning differences such as ADHD, autism, and dyslexia.  In addition, the panel will discuss how you can understand and work better with neurodiverse individuals and be more inclusive in the workplace.  Lastly, we welcome our members to join us in an enriching discussion over an interactive Q&A segment.


Did you know? It is estimated that 15-20% of the global population is neurodiverse.  Learning differences are complex and varied.  Every individual is unique and their experiences, strengths and challenges, differs as well.  Neurodiversity is the idea that there is no one ‘right’ way of thinking or learning, and that these differences should not be viewed as deficits but rather be embraced as part of natural human diversity.


FWA WEImpact aims to foster diversity of thought and promote improved personal and professional lives by bringing our members health & wellness topics in women with awareness on mental, physical and emotional care across all aspects of life.  We hope that this panel discussion will bring to light that diversity is more than what meets the eye.


About Uncommon Minds:


Uncommon Minds is a grounds-up initiative that aims to inspire hope, break barriers and stereotypes, and celebrate the strengths of neurodiverse people with invisible learning differences such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia. To learn more:

04 April 2024
IN-PERSON (limited seats): Citi,
Level 19 – Conference Room (W10-11),
Asia Square Tower 1,
8 Marina View,
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2nd Quarter Corporate Members Sharing


FWA Singapore corporate members’ networking event hosted by Delta Capita is a casual evening of insightful sharing and inspiration, featuring Julian Chesser, Regional Head of APAC,  Delta Capita.


Julian has been an integral part of our community and previously served as our male champion and mentor with FWA Singapore. With over 28 years of extensive experience in leadership roles across operations, strategy, product, and technology, Julian brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As a Managing Director and Global Executive Committee member, he spearheads transformative consulting, managed services, and technology engagements within the APAC region.


Join us as Julian shares his leadership journey and insights on supporting the gender equity agenda. We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of meaningful conversations and networking.

25 April 2024
Delta Capita - 7 Straits View Marina One East Tower #08-03A,
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Mobilising Capital & Finance To Accelerate Sustainability And Climate Actions


Light refreshments will be provided. FWA thanks CDL for their sponsorship of venue and light refreshments.


Driven by public and stakeholder pressure, sustainability has risen to the top of the business agenda for CEOs in all sectors.


Singapore held the pavilion for the second time at COP in 2023. The pavilion was themed 'Accelerating Collective Climate Action' and showcased various players collectively aimed at achieving net zero emissions by 2050 to build a climate-resilient future.


As a financial hub, Singapore will be instrumental in helping to mobilize capital to achieve the above goal. As shared by Ravi Menon, the blueprint 'Finance for Net Zero Action Plan' was launched by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in partnership with the financial industry. It aims to mobilize finance to catalyze Asia’s net zero transition. This is to be done through either a blended finance approach or via carbon credits.


Our panellists will share their experiences, insights and perspectives across issues, challenges and trends relating to sustainability and climate actions:

  • Measuring impact, how about those areas which are beyond measurement
  • Are corporates reducing their commitment and does this signal negativity
  • Are you labelling or really tackling climate issues?
  • Is there still a Green premium?
  • The transition of banks to be key players in COP and decarbonisation
  • Technology that may be more scalable in accelerating sustainability efforts is not coming into Asia - how do we support their entry into the region
  • Phase out or phase down - we should be looking at growing alternative renewal resources for a long-term solution
  • Regulation and Policy changes, are Governments working closely with corporates to improve the implementation and to build an ecosystem.
  • Trading of carbon credit across countries
  • There is no perfect solution but we cannot simply kick the can down the road


Sign up now to find out how to Mobilise Capital and Finance to accelerate sustainability and climate actions.

09 May 2024
Singapore Sustainability Academy @ City Square Mall,
180 Kitchener Rd,
Singapore 208539
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Engaging and Fostering Male Allies at Work and in the Community

Bringing an interesting topic that is always at the back of our minds and daily working lives; we touch on Male Allyship. We recognise the vital role that men play in championing women’s rights and dismantling systemic barriers to gender equality.


In this panel, let’s delve deeper and through thought-provoking discussions we hope to encourage and advocate the roles of male allies in the workplace:

  • How do we empower and involve men in promoting gender equality in the workplace and beyond.
  • How to become effective allies and drive positive change. 
  • How to advocate for gender equality, challenge harmful stereotypes, and create safe spaces for open dialogue.

Sign up now to learn more about engaging and fostering male allies at work and in the community.

12 June 2024
Guoco Midtown Network Hub - 126 Beach Rd,
Singapore 189773,
Level 2,
Meeting Room 2+3
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