Membership Application

We warmly welcome new members at the Financial Women's Association of Singapore.

Please do fill up the below fields for our membership database. Fields marked with * are mandatory. Applicants are requested to input your email address as login ID and password which will be required for online FWA events registration and future member renewals through our website.

If you are signing up for an Institutional Membership, we ask that the coordinator's name and email address be filled in, with "repxxx" inserted at the end of the coordinator's first name.

Payments can be made online using a credit card, or by bank transfer to FWA's account.

  • For credit card payments, kindly ensure that you return to the FWA page after receiving your confirmation page from the credit card company as this will enable FWA's system to capture the payment and activate or re-activate your account. Failure to do so will result in the inability to immediately log-on and register for events.
  • For bank transfers, you may request for an invoice from the Membership committee via, FWA's bank details will be included in the invoice. We will need the payment details emailed to us, so that we can activate the membership, and in the case of corporate members, the corporate code.

Memberships are on a calendar basis, expiring on 31 December of each year. This means, regardless of when you joined, every membership ceases on this date.

Sign-ups and renewals from 01 January to 30 June each year are at FULL price, whereas those from 01 July to 31 December, are charged at a pro-rated rate.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership to the FWAS takes effect upon the FWAS Committee's approval thereof, and the FWAS Committee reserves the right to reject the same notwithstanding your having signed up with us and made payment of the membership fees pursuant to the foregoing sign up process. Should such rejection occur, the FWAS Committee will notify you accordingly and furnishing a full refund of any payment made within a reasonable time.
  2. For Individual memberships, female members with more than 2 years' experience in the Finance industry are admitted as Ordinary Members (with voting rights); all other members will be admitted as Associate Members (without voting rights).
  3. Membership (S$120 for Individual Membership; S$1200 for Institution Gold Membership; S$2100 for Institution Platinum Membership and S$3000 for Institution Diamond Membership) is on an annual basis and expires at the end of every calendar year. Members who join from July of the calendar year onwards will receive a pro-rated membership fee as follows: S$70 for Individual membership; S$700 for Institution Gold Membership; $1200 for Institution Platinum Membership; and $1800 for Institution Diamond Membership.
  4. Membership fees can be paid via credit card. If membership fee is paid online via credit card (you do not need to be a member of Paypal to make credit card payment online), the user name and password are immediately effective for online registration for events as a member; if membership fee is paid via cheque, the login ID and password are effective upon receipt of cheque and processing of application.


Personal Data Protection Act

I agree and acknowledge that FWAS is permitted to collect, use and/or process my personal data, which includes but is not limited to the data provided in this application form as well as any data from which I can be identified, for administration, management and/or evaluative purposes and/or any of the other legitimate activities of FWAS. Process means:
  1. to carry out any operation or set of operations in relation to the data and includes recording, holding, organisation, adaptation/alteration, retrieval, combination, transmission and erasure/destruction;
  2. to copy, use, access, display, run, store review, manage, modify, transform, translate, extract components into another work, integrate or incorporate as part of a derivative work, and
  3. to permit others to do (i) and (ii).
FWAS may also disclose and/or transfer my personal data to advisers, committee and/or sub-committee members and third party collaborators and/or service providers for the rendering of services and/or conduct of legitimate business activity including for administration, management and/or evaluative purposes and/or any of the other legitimate activities of FWAS, and to any competent legal and/or regulatory authority and law enforcement agencies as may be required under applicable law.
I understand that my right of access to and correction of my personal data that is in the possession or control of FWAS shall be as prescribed by applicable law; and that FWAS may retain my personal data as may be necessary or desirable to comply with applicable law.
I consent to FWAS and its officers, employees, agents and representatives sending me promotional messages about services, promotions, and/or events via any channel including direct mail, SMS, email fax, voice calls and where relevant, any of my Singapore telephone numbers which I have previously provided to FWAS and which I may provide to FWAS from time to time, and to conduct consumer and/or market research which is related to FWAS's objectives.
By consenting to the receipt of such material, I also agree and consent to my personal data being collected, used, disclosed and/or processed as set out in FWAS’s Data Protection Policy, which is available at here.

I understand and agree that the provision of my consent to FWAS in this Declaration does not otherwise override or supersede any other consents which I may have provided to FWAS, or FWAS's existing rights at law.