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Advancing Women in Finance 2020

June 2020 - January 2021


For optimal matching purposes, we would like to seek the following personal information from you:

Provisions regarding Personal Data

Regarding the personal data you have shared in this form, we explain that the personal data collected in this form will only be used by FWA for the purposes set out below:

  1. Conducting optimal mentor-mentee matching under the FWA’s AWF programme (‘the Programme”).
  2. any matters or activities relating to or in connection with the Programme, including selected marketing of the Programme within FWA either before, during or after the Programme.
  3. any purpose relating to or in connection with compliance with any law or regulation.

Your personal information may be shared with members of the FWA Executive Committee and the FWA mentoring team for assessment, learning and development related purposes.

Your right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of the personal data you provided, and to the correction of  any personal data held.  Any request for access to and/or correction of personal data should be addressed to fwa.awf.sg@gmail.com.

Please do note that if you attend events or programmes organised, managed, administered or publicised by the FWA, by attending such events, you agree and consent to the use of your photograph, voice, likeness, and image in any broadcasts of such event and in subsequent productions drawn from video or audio recordings of such event.  The photographs and recordings may be published or broadcasted in FWA publications and in publicity materials, including FWA’s websites and social media. All recordings, articles, quotes, photographs, films, audio or video and/or any reproductions of same in any form, are the property of FWA. FWA, its affiliates, employees, representatives and agents are released from any and all claims, demands, costs and liability that may arise from the use of these interviews, recordings, photographs, videotapes or films, and/or any reproductions of same in any form, as described above, arising out of being interviewed, recorded, photographed, videotaped or filmed.  If you do not wish to have your photos/audio-visual recordings taken at such event, please understand that it is your responsibility to state this and to remove yourself from group and candid shots/recordings that the photographers/videographers intend to capture.


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