Event Details

FWA-AWF Mentoring 2023 - Mid-Point Event: Navigating Workplace Conflicts

14 September 2023
DBS Asia East and West Auditorium and Foyer (Level 3),
12 Marina Boulevard,
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3,
Singapore 018982
Dinner will be provided.
By 13 September 2023

Dear Mentors and Mentees, we hope you have had a good start to your mentoring journey so far.


We would like to invite you to gather for our Mid-Point Event as a check to keep up the momentum and energy of the programme.




Amplify your mentoring experience, enrich your industry knowledge, and navigate workplace conflict. In the bustling realm of modern work environments, conflicts are an inevitable part of the landscape. Amidst the diversity of personalities, opinions, and goals, clashes arise, potentially affecting productivity, employee morale, and even to your financial career. But does it have to be all that doom and gloom?


Join us for this 2-hour event facilitated by Avodah Solutions where you'll learn how to manage workplace conflicts and turn them into opportunities for growth.


Event Highlights

-Insights from distinguished Mentors Panel: Gain insights from financial leaders as they unravel their battle-tested methods for diffusing conflicts and nurturing resilience. 

-Collective intelligence from Peer Learning: Engage in dynamic discussions with fellow executives, exchanging real-world strategies to manage conflict and uncover fresh perspectives!

-Networking opportunities:  There will be opportunities to network with the financial community throughout the event. You'll have the chance to meet new people, learn from their experiences, and build relationships that can help you in your career.


Dinner will start from 6.30pm and the event starts 7pm sharp. See you there!