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FWA AGM & Gem Appreciation Talk
26 March 2019
Westpac Innovation Co-Lab,
12 Marina View,
26th floor,
Asia Square Tower 2,
Singapore 018961
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Dear FWA Members and Friends,


It is with mixed feelings that I give notice of this year’s FWA Annual General Meeting, as it signals the end of my 3-year tenure as President of the FWA. It has been an absolute honour serving you these last 3 years, but I also have great pride in being able to handover the leadership mantle in a well-planned succession to a strong team, testament to the exuberant spirit of volunteerism and passion for gender diversity amongst the Executive Committee.


This year’s AGM marks the first time Corporate Members cast a vote, after we successfully passed the Constitutional Amendment at last year’s AGM to allow Corporate Members to be considered Voting Members. We hope to have our 30+ Corporate Members well-represented at the AGM to provide feedback to the FWA.


Meanwhile, our individual membership base crossed 200 for the first time last year, while our Male Champions community exceeded 40 individuals. We continue to be so grateful for the support we have received for our events which continue to be constantly over-subscribed; as well as for the mentors who put themselves forward to help guide and coach younger women in our Mentoring Programme; and the generosity shown to our adopted charity, Daughters of Tomorrow.


With the understanding you have shown us with respect to the increase in membership fees implemented last year, we were also able to upgrade our IT infrastructure to automate our processes, increase efficiency and improve overall governance within the FWA.


The new Exco slate to be presented at the AGM looks forward to sharing more exciting plans with you on the year ahead.   


Following tradition, we will wrap up the AGM with an interesting side-activity. This year we have the pleasure of gem experts, L’Excellence, presenting on gem appreciation and investment (see below for synopsis and speaker biography). So stay around after the serious business is done!


Please note this event is open to members only (both individual and nominee of corporate) and is free of charge. If you cannot make this event, please fill in the proxy form attached and furnish it to the Secretary via email (joy.tan@wongpartnership.com) latest by 25 March 2019.


Below are the details of the AGM:


Date:     Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Time:     6.30 pm – 9 pm

Place:    Westpac Innovation Co-Lab

              12 Marina View, 26th floor,

              Asia Square Tower 2,

              Singapore 018961 

We thank you once again for your support to FWA and look forward to seeing you!   


Fiona Yik


8 March 2019




  1. To receive and adopt the accounts for the period ended 31 December 2018 and the annual report of the Committee.


  1. To elect office bearers and auditors


           Vice President

           Secretary & Assistant

           Treasury & Assistant

           Other committee/sub-committee members


  1. To consider and approve an expense of $7,380 for the financial year 2019, for rebranding and marketing purposes.


  1. Any other business. Members are free to raise any items in the agenda provided that notice is given to the Secretary via email (joy.tan@wongpartnership.com) latest by 22 March 2019.


Individual Members who cannot attend but nonetheless would like to vote, please fill up this proxy form:









I, _______________________________________________, being a member of the above named Association hereby appoint



_______________________________, care of ____________________________________________________, as my proxy to vote for me



and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, to be held on 26 March 2019, and at any adjournment thereof.



Signature of Member




Corporate Members are to fill up this form to appoint your representative at the AGM:






Date: _______________








We, ______________________________[name of corporate member]    , being a Corporate Member (“Corporate Member”) of the abovenamed


Association, hereby appoint  _________________________________________[name of individual representative], of care of ____________


__________________________________ [address], as our representative to vote for and on behalf of the Corporate Member at the Annual


General Meeting of the Association, to be held on 26 March 2019, and at any adjournment thereof.












For and on behalf of the Corporate Member


[ID No.]



Post-AGM Presentation:


Gem Appreciation -

Diamonds & Precious Gemstones combine beauty and investment value

Under the current macroeconomic uncertain environment, as traditional investments are being challenged, institutional and private investors are increasingly turning to alternative tangible assets such as gold, art, and most notably precious diamonds and gemstones.

• Expert insights on how to choose and evaluate diamonds and precious gemstones

• How to invest in diamonds and gemstones: basics and keys to invest



FWA is pleased to invite Sylvie Khau, Managing Director of L’Excellence Diamond, to share expert guidance in the field of diamonds and gemstones as well as exclusive stories from the family business.


L’Excellence Diamond is a family enterprise spanning over three generations and with over 60 years of invaluable expertise in diamonds and precious gemstones.

Born in Paris, Sylvie Khau is multi-lingual and has a dual career path in investment banking and in gemmology.
With her in-depth combined expertise in investments and in gemmology, she regularly speaks at seminars for financial institutions and corporates.