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FWA Fee Increase Announcement for 2018
01 January 2018

Dear FWA Singapore Members,


At the AGM held on 29th March this year, a resolution for a membership fee increase to take effect from 1 Jan 2018, was passed.  

This is the first time that FWA is increasing membership fees since the inception of the organization in 2001.  



The fee increase is deemed necessary to enable FWA to keep pace with market inflation and to continue to sustain our enriched range of events and programs at a high standard.

Over the last 16 years, FWA’s membership base has grown two fold to now include 200 individuals, 30 corporate members and 40 Male Champions (senior executive men who actively support and promote gender diversity in their organisations).  Our membership services, events, program offerings and website have all been continuously upgraded to better serve the expanded community.

Appendix A lists out the areas of expense increase which FWA is budgeting for 2018 .


New Fees Schedule

Effective from 1st January 2018, the membership fees for FWA individual and corporate members will be as follows (previous rates in parentheses).

Ordinary – S$120 (S$100)

Associate – S$120 (S$100)

Corporate Gold (5 persons free-of-charge at events, 1 representative at Corporate Member lunches) – S$1200 (S$1000)

Corporate Platinum (10 persons FOC at events, 2 representatives at Corporate Member Lunches) – S$2100 (S$1800)

Corporate Diamond (15 persons FOC at events, 2 representatives at Corporate Member lunches) – S$3000 (S$2600)


We hope you will continue to support FWA’s continued growth and vision. We look forward to working with you all in sustaining a truly inclusive, considerate and diverse working environment in the Singapore financial services sector.

As always, we remain open to receiving your feedback and comments on how we can continue to serve you better. Please direct any questions or feedback to contact@fwasg.org.



Fiona Yik

President, 2017-2018


Appendix A: Expense Increase Items in 2018

  1. Technology: an increased technology spend of $10k for further upgrades to our membership and events system. Key focus items include the automation of rolling 12-month memberships, fixing the bugs that hamper online payments, providing online forms for our mentoring programme, etc. for a better user experience.
  2. Mentoring: an increased mentoring budget of $5k in keeping with increased market pricing for the intellectual property of the programme.
  3. Administration: an increased administrative spend of $15k for secretarial support, to facilitate the day-to-day running and logistics of the association at its current size and scale.