FWA-AWF Mentoring 2021 - Mid-Point Event: Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome

16 September 2021
Webinar on Zoom
By 09 September 2021

Dear Mentors and Mentees,


We hope you have had a good start to your mentoring journey so far.

Time flies, and we are almost at the mid-point of the programme. We would like to invite you to gather for our Mid-Point Event as a check to keep up the momentum and energy of the programme.


Mentees have identified Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome as a key topic of interest. “Imposter syndrome,” or doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud at work, disproportionately afflicts high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many question whether they're deserving of accolades. We discuss how such thinking destroys confidence and starts a negative spiral, but importantly, how we should deal with it.


Given positive feedback from last year's Event, we will also include a virtual networking session at which participants will be randomly matched in break-out rooms of 7 mins each, simulating a real-life physical networking event. 


We ask Mentors and Mentees to make time for this session to achieve a critical mass. 

Avodah People Solutions (www.avodahsolutions.com) will facilitate this session together with FWA.



12:30 - 12.35pm    Virtual Mingle 

12.35 - 12.40pm    Opening by FWA & Avodah

12.40 - 1.10pm      Virtual Networking 

1.10 -  1.40pm       Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome

1.40 -  2 00pm        Mentors Sharing & Closing


We look forward to seeing you again!