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The Ethics in AI for the Financial Sector: Recognize the Biases (Corporate Event - Fully Booked)
17 August 2023
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Office,
23 Church Street,
Level 9 (Tanah Merah Room),
Singapore 049481

Join us for this enlightening event hosted by AWS to gain valuable insights into the ethical considerations associated with AI and how you can navigate them effectively. 


During this event, the panel will delve into the challenges and opportunities associated with the incorporation of AI in decision-making processes. The panel will shed light on the potential biases that can be perpetuated by AI systems and discuss strategies to recognize and mitigate these biases effectively.  Moreover, we will address the concerns surrounding overdependence on AI and the potential job displacement it may cause. The discussion will explore ways to view AI as a supplement rather than a replacement, enabling businesses to harness its capabilities while safeguarding against negative consequences.


Panel Introduction

Our esteemed panel, with collective expertise in banking, technology, and strategic management, will discuss the vital considerations in fostering an ethical approach to AI adoption in the banking sector. They will address concerns related to data privacy, security, transparency, and human capital issues, aiming to shape the conversation and promote a culture of ethical innovation in the financial landscape. 


Nydia Remolina, Panelist

Nydia Remolina is an accomplished Assistant Professor of Law at Singapore Management University's Yong Pung How School of Law. As Fintech Track Lead and Head of Industry Relations at the SMU Centre for AI and Data Governance, Nydia's expertise covers financial regulation, banking law, AI governance, and more. She has taught and spoken at prestigious institutions globally and is a member of the Swiss Fintech Innovation Lab at the University of Zurich.  With over a decade of legal practice, including roles at a major financial conglomerate and as a Senior Advisor to the OECD, Nydia brings a wealth of experience. Her academic journey includes a Master in the Science of Law from Stanford University, and she's currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Law at the University of Zurich. Nydia's research has been cited in top publications like Forbes and the New York Times, while her work has been featured on respected platforms like the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and the Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog.


Gerry Chng, Panelist

A Partner and Executive Director at Deloitte's Cyber Risk Advisory practice, where he specializes in Cybersecurity and Risk Management. With over 25 years of experience, he is a seasoned advisor, guiding clients on adopting technology innovations while ensuring a safe and controlled environment. At Deloitte, Gerry leads the Cyber Emerging Tech team, focusing on managing risks associated with cutting-edge technologies like algorithmic decision-making (AI/Machine Learning). Additionally, he excels in building Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) programs for both the IT and OT sectors, effectively addressing threats and regulatory challenges for clients in the private and public sectors. Gerry is at the forefront of the Detect & Respond services, assisting clients in proactively assessing their technology landscape and providing incident response capabilities when required. His wealth of experience and expertise in cybersecurity make him an invaluable asset in navigating the evolving technology landscape and mitigating potential risks for organizations. 

Bhumika Sharma, Panelist

Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co who in her current role of co-chair for Women on the Move, advocating for diversity and empowerment within the organization. From a banking perspective, Bhumika is well-positioned to offer invaluable insights and perspectives on the challenges specific to the financial markets that impact the development of ethical practices in AI implementation within the banking sector. An expert IT professional with a strong background in Project Management, Production, and Customer Support for Markets and Payments  business within top-tier banks with over 18 years of experience. She has successfully managed a wide range of projects, including business transformation initiatives, the segregation of businesses earmarked for sell-off, and the consolidation of multiple legal entities in the Region. Her latest role includes driving stability and resiliency of payment applications to ensure a superior customer experience.


Michelle Ong, Moderator

Global Financial Services Account Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS). With a technology and AI background, she drives digital transformation and growth for customers. Michelle's career spans public affairs, innovation, partnerships, and sales. At AWS, she empowers financial services customers to leverage the cloud's agility, flexibility, and scale. Passionate about sustainability, workplace inclusiveness, and mental well-being, Michelle advocates for inclusion by design and the ethical use of technology. She believes in harnessing business innovations as a force for good. As the moderator for our panel event, Michelle promises to bring inspiring insights, leading a thought-provoking discussion with actionable takeaways. Prepare to gain invaluable insights and solutions from Michelle as she moderates our panel discussion on the ethics of AI and its implications in the financial sector.


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