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Do you have SHE-Q? - 2019 FWA Second Corporate Members' Lunch - Thursday, June 13, 12 - 2 p.m.
13 June 2019
Aberdeen Standard Investments,
23 Church Street #06-01,
Capital Square 2,
Singapore 049480
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Do you have SHE-Q?

FWA welcomes our corporate members to our second corporate members lunch. During this session, we think it would be interesting to expound on and explore the topic of female consumer preferences.


We hear a lot about companies pandering to the consumers’ minds to boost revenues, however 84% of women in Asia feel that brands don’t understand them, and 76% don’t believe or trust what businesses and brands say in communications. So what are businesses doing so wrong?


Are women looking to invest in a completely different way to their male counterparts? Do we engage differently with brand touchpoints vs men?


One of the issues we see is with product development, whereby brands and businesses are making products that are overtly feminized  - so how do we strike the right balance of appealing to women and addressing their financial needs but avoiding the pink and floral cliche?


Finally, a recent survey shows that the most criticised companies are those who seem to want to appeal to women but are not backing this up with gender equality in the workplace or guilty of showing stereotypes in campaigns and advertisements, hence failing to truly engage with women.


Does this also hold true in the Financial Sector? Do providers of financial products think men and women are the same or do they acknowledge that men and women are different? If so, what is being done to meet these criteria?


In this session, Charlotte Wilkinson, Founder, Hello Sister shall share her deep insights into the world of Women as consumers in Asia. Charlotte founded Hello Sister in 2016 having previously been a Global Board director for Clear M&C Saatchi - she now works across the region helping businesses and brands engage more effectively with women.








The event shall also:

  • Explore how female consumer behaviour will shape the future of marketing and product development.
  • Suggest that it is in the interest of companies, including financial companies to develop products that will appeal to the female psyche.
  • Opine on how exactly companies can do this.



1200 - Lunch & Networking 

1230 - Opening Addresses

1240 - Do you have SHE-Q? 
            Presented by Charlotte Wilkinson 
            Followed by an interactive session

1340 - Closing