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FWA Calendar of Events Jan 2018 - Dec 2018
01 January 2018
At various venues




15 Jan   FWA lunchtime talk on Train the Brave: How to over-come self doubt to achieve your boldest goals for 2018, hosted by Bloomberg


24 Jan   FWA WINTECH series: Cloud Technology by Alicloud, hosted by Standard Chartered Bank



5 Feb    FWA WINTECH series: FINTECH and Disruption - Progression and Impact, hosted by GIC & Synpulse



8 Mar   FWA celebration of International Women's Day, hosted by National Australia Bank


22 Mar FWA AGM



5 Apr   FWA lunchtime talk on Brave Conversations: Master Tough Conversations to Resolve Conflict, Grow Influence & Accomplish More Together, hosted by HSBC


12 Apr  FWA Thought Leadership: Diversity & Inclusion - Where are we? Views & Ideas from Female Leaders, hosted by Mastercard


23 Apr FWA WINTECH: A.I. in Action, hosted by Google



17 May  Film screening in aid of Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT), hosted by Goldman Sachs

23 May  FWA WINTECH: Future Now - Security Token vs. Utility Token, hosted by Singapore Fintech Association



16 Aug   FWA lunchtime talk on Valued-based Conflict Resolution, hosted by Barclays


28 Aug   FWA lunchtime talk: Workplace Harassment and Finding Resolutions, hosted by Prudential



5 Sep    FWA Males from the Top: FUTURE OF WORK in Financial Services, hosted by DBS Bank


18 Sep  KOPITIAM CHAT with Female Role Models in Finance: Reinventing Yourself - Sharing by Lim Hwee Hua, hosted by National Australia Bank



25 Oct   FWA - An Evening with Super Couples, hosted by Openspace Ventures



27 Nov  FWA Year-End Party at Monti!