Mobilising Capital & Finance To Accelerate Sustainability And Climate Actions


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Driven by public and stakeholder pressure, sustainability has risen to the top of the business agenda for CEOs in all sectors.


Singapore held the pavilion for the second time at COP in 2023. The pavilion was themed 'Accelerating Collective Climate Action' and showcased various players collectively aimed at achieving net zero emissions by 2050 to build a climate-resilient future.


As a financial hub, Singapore will be instrumental in helping to mobilize capital to achieve the above goal. As shared by Ravi Menon, the blueprint 'Finance for Net Zero Action Plan' was launched by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in partnership with the financial industry. It aims to mobilize finance to catalyze Asia’s net zero transition. This is to be done through either a blended finance approach or via carbon credits.


Our panellists will share their experiences, insights and perspectives across issues, challenges and trends relating to sustainability and climate actions:

  • Measuring impact, how about those areas which are beyond measurement
  • Are corporates reducing their commitment and does this signal negativity
  • Are you labelling or really tackling climate issues?
  • Is there still a Green premium?
  • The transition of banks to be key players in COP and decarbonisation
  • Technology that may be more scalable in accelerating sustainability efforts is not coming into Asia - how do we support their entry into the region
  • Phase out or phase down - we should be looking at growing alternative renewal resources for a long-term solution
  • Regulation and Policy changes, are Governments working closely with corporates to improve the implementation and to build an ecosystem.
  • Trading of carbon credit across countries
  • There is no perfect solution but we cannot simply kick the can down the road


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09 May 2024
Singapore Sustainability Academy @ City Square Mall (Farrer Park MRT)
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