FWA Exchange - Blockchain verticals explained: emerging trends of Metaverse, DeFi and Web3.0, Thursday, 26 May 2022, 11:45 – 1:30 pm




FWA is pleased to partner with Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS) Women in Blockchain Committee to present a session on blockchain concepts and its verticals. 


The intention of blockchain was meant to be a technology where data is immutable, confidential and located on de-centralized network. Its initial application was widely known to be in cryptocurrency applications. With its exponential growth, more and more vertical industries that have also started implementing blockchain. Join us for the lunchtime panel discussion to have a deeper understanding the blockchain ecosystem and its emerging verticals, particularly: 

  1. Breaking down the different parts of the blockchain verticals, particularly digital assets, Defi, NFT, the meta verse and Web 3.0. 
  1. Understanding the risks and what to look out for when dealing with digital assets/NFTs/Defi products – from beginners to more advanced audiences and the tools that can enable you to get started.  
  2. Debunking myths about blockchain. 
  3. How to navigate a career switch or build a successful career in this space. 


We are excited and privileged to have an esteemed panel to share their expert and pragmatic views on this highly relevant and important topic.


26 May 2022
Fintech Hub,
80 Robinson Road #08-01,
Singapore 068898
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