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08 November 2019

Dear FWA members,


FWA's Champions journey started four years ago with the launch of FWA Male Champions. Why men? Because they are the gender represented most in senior levels of companies, and are decision and change makers in their organisations. 


Fast forward to today, we now count more than 40 men as FWA Male Champions. Our Male Champions support female talent development in their organisations and the community at large. They realise the importance of diversity and inclusion, especially the role women play. 


The success of our Male Champions initiative led us to ask, "Why do we not have female leaders as champions too?" As leaders in the financial services industry, they too can be mentors to younger, aspiring women. And also be role models for the next generation. 


We are very pleased to announce that over the past 8 months since we started engaging with female leaders in the financial services industry, we have to date 51 Female Champions. We are delighted that female leaders have stepped up and picked up the gauntlet to be Champions of greater gender equality. 


Who are our Female Champions? Click on here to find out. 

As the FWA exco continues tirelessly on our journey to progress gender balance in the financial services industry, we count on you, our members, to support the work we do. Together, we firmly believe that we can narrow the gender gaps in the financial services industry, and make workplaces a happier, and better, place. 


Yours sincerely,

FWA Exco